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Prostate cancer staging mri

síntomas de cáncer de próstata avanzado tratarea prostatei marite

Patient-centered productivity with SmartWorkflow solutions Play video Patient-centered productivity with SmartWorkflow solutions The increasing use of MR to diagnose a variety of conditions and illnesses has led to demands for greater efficiency. Too often, it seems that productivity is at odds with giving patients the time and attention they desire.

SmartWorkflow provides an end-to-end workflow solution supporting a better patient and staff experience, resulting in patient-centered productivity.

Introduction to Prostate MRI and PI-RADS: Approach and Principles

Guidance at your fingertips Guidance at your fingertips Increase staff confidence and speed up patient set-up through test psa covid pret real-time guidance and insights on the details of the current patient study. Touchless patient sensing Touchless patient sensing Relieve your staff from the burden of positioning — and re-positioning — a respiratory belt.

Anar Kazimov, MD, PhD

Enjoy optical sensing and AI to automatically detect patient respiratory patterns. What if we told you there was a way to recover time you have been losing during your MR examinations?

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And use the time you do have more wisely? Imagine how that could help you make better use of your scarce resources and better meet the demands of referring physicians. Standardize results with reduced variability and increased effici Standardize results with reduced variability prostate cancer staging mri increased efficiency Reduce imaging variability through automation, so you can schedule less experienced staff with confidence, knowing your results will be consistent and exam planning and scanning will be efficient.

Endorectal coils ERC are useful, but now rectal cancer on mri can get a prostate MRI without any discomfort, and the quality and accuracy is on par with the standard, invasive diagnostic methods. Endorectal coils — a thing of the past? Most facilities use an ERCwhich is a special coil that is inserted into the rectum through the anus, and is usually covered by a lubricated balloon or condom.

SmartExam automates geometry planning and execution of complete MR exams. Free breathing, multi-phase liver studies Free breathing, multi-phase liver studies With 4D FreeBreathing, you can now offer free-breathing MRI liver exams to patients who have difficulty holding their breath or find it difficult to follow breathing instructions.

It allows you to obtain excellent image quality from multi-phase liver studies, with a temporal resolution down to 3 seconds per phase³, performed prostate cancer staging mri breath holds.

Comentarii Although prostate cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in men in the USA, it can be treated successfully if detected early.

With the aging population, their incidence is expected to grow even further. Ingenia 1. ScanWise Implant provides step-by-step guidance to enter the condition values as specified by the implant manufacturer.

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  • There is a discrepancy in the Gleason score given on the initial biopsy and prostatectomy specimen, respectively, that affects both patients who can benefit from active surveillance and those who cannot benefit from curative surgical treatment, and for whom therapeutic alternatives must be established.
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging MRI is the best imaging modality for evaluating the prostate and accurately diagnose the prostatic carcinoma, especially in cases with aggressive and larger volume tumors.
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Your MR system then automatically applies these values for the entire examination helping you to simplify your scanning process and stay within the specified limits for patients with MR Conditional implants. Provide an immersive visual experience Provide an immersive visual experience Designed to offer a relaxing sensory experience, Ambient Experience provides positive distractions for patients by incorporating dynamic lighting, projection and sound, contributing to a positive, engaging environment to benefit quality of care.


From the moment a patient is moved into the scanner, through completion of the scan, the In-Bore Connect solution can help patients to relax, follow directions and minimize motion.

Prevent issues before they occur Prevent issues before they occur Scanner downtime can disrupt your schedule and delay patient care.

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We offer maintenance agreements that are suited to your needs, enabled by the latest service innovations and including an uptime guarantee. We prevent issues before they occur through proactive remote monitoring, remote diagnostics and remote and field service support. Standardize your MR fleet at a fixed annual cost Standardize your MR fleet at a fixed annual cost If you own more than one Philips scanner, standardizing under the same software release can enhance efficiency through one user interface for operators to learn and use the same ExamCards across multiple scanners.

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Patient-centered productivity with SmartWorkflow solutions Guidance at your fingertips.